My recording studio!

The days of recording in a less than satisfying “home office”, restricted to the very few days where I’m all alone at home, is soon over. In just four days, my very own recording studio will be a reality. I’ve bought an old workmen’s barrack, to put in the garden, close to, but apart from the house.

When the barrack and the studio interior is in place, I will have to come up with a plan to finish my many on-going projects. These are:

  1. Another Failure (1989) – the follow up album to Drawing Lines (1989), this also with songs written in 1989. Vocals and mixing are left.
  2. The Indescribable L – a collection of love songs for my wife, all written in 2012, simple and perhaps sweet, yet quirky and strange. Vocals and mixing are left.
  3. Brotherhood – an album built around the “epic” title track that clocks in at 18:29, sort of apocalyptic, yet hopeful. Written in 2013, vocals and mixing are left.
  4. HELLO CAPSLOCK! – My current in-writing-project. A concept album. I’m seven songs into this beast, and it’s going to be super awesome.

In addition, I’m thinking about doing mixes and recordings for others, and I might just do some private vocal training/songwriting lessons, and hopefully earn enough extra money to be able to slowly upgrade the studio equipment-wise. I’m excited!