Drawing Lines (1989)

Drawing Lines (1989) is an album by Eth Eonel. Released in 2011, it was his first, full release solo album. It is also the first in a series of releases giving a complete, chronological account of Eth Eonel’s songwriting. All the songs on the album (save for the two cover versions) were originally written in 1989. The album was recorded as part of a Master’s Degree assignment in Music Technology at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). Eth Eonel sang and played/programmed the instruments, and mixed the album. Bob Drake (Hail, Thinking Plague, Vril, Cabinet of Curiosities and more) mastered it.

Catalog number, issues, releases

The CD issue was released on the label Eonel Sound, on December 20, 2011, with catalog number ES0001CD. The CD came in a 18×18 cm, 20 page book, designed by Eth Eonel and printed by Blurb.com. The disc itself was manufactured through an Oslo based company called Tunes Printing.

The album was released digitally through all the most popular online vendors, on January 15, 2012, with catalog number ES0001Digital. It was distributed through IndiGoBoom, using Phonofile’s technical solutions.

Tracklist and time

1. Entrechoquons (02:24)
2. Pin Stiff (02:35)
3. Belsassar (05:17)
… a. Starfish Underneath
… b. Mother
… c. Decades
4. Solar Chords (03:04)
5. Big In Japan (04:01)
6. Ascending Moon (01:56)
7. Insomniac (02:55)
8. Mac Tíre (02:25)
9. Hánaxre Mais Degm A Swelm (02:48)
10. Drawing Lines (03:14)
11. Hre Kroism’ A Seo (03:24)
12. A Graphic Edge (01:45)
13. Song About Nothing (04:27)
14. Éirí Beoga (01:17)
15. I Don’t Wanna Spoil The Party (02:51)

Total time: 44:27


Musical and lyrical concepts

The main concept behind Drawing Lines (1989), is of course the fact that the songs on the album (except for the cover versions) originally were written in 1989, when Eth Eonel was ten years old. They were his first real songs. For this album they have been rearranged and rerecorded with new lyrics. It’s recorded and mixed so as to resemble an actual 1989 recording, but by means of new technology.

Drawing Lines is the first solo album by Eth Eonel. It consists of 15 songs, 13 of which he wrote during 1989 (at the age of ten), and two cover versions. Only one of the songs, the last track, is an actual recording from 1989, but several others has elements of the original recordings in them. It also marks the first in a long series of releases showcasing Eth Eonel’s history of songwriting, from 1989 until now. The album was recorded as part of a Master’s Degree assignment in Music Technology. The songs are recorded and produced by means of new technology, but made to sound like an 80s synth pop album, though it has elements of progressive rock/pop and avant garde music. Two of the songs (8 and 14) are sung in Irish Gaelic, and two songs (9 and 11) in the artificial language éons mel, which Eth Eonel has created.

The album booklet is a 18×18 cm, 20-page book.

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