About Eonel Sound

The record label and recording/mixing/mastering studio Eonel Sound was created, or perhaps we should say recreated, in December 2009. Kenneth Holter, aka Eth Eonel, wanted to organize all his musical doings in one sole proprietorship. The sole proprietorship was officially created in 2007, when Kenneth was one of four founding members of Trondheim Thereminorkester. Before 2009, Kenneth’s record label was called Ascending Moon Records, and his studio was called Starfish Underneath Studio, creating the duality of Ascending Moon and Starfish UnderneathEonel Sound, obviously, is a bit of an easier name to remember.

As of 2013, Eonel Sound has released two works: Eth Eonel’s debut album Drawing Lines (1989), which was mastered by Bob Drake, and Fluxusboks: Boks 2008-2013, a collection of all the Fluxusboks radio shows that aired on the student radio in Trondheim, released on a 8 GB USB stick housed in a hand carved wooden box. These are just a few of the already twenty-something planned releases. Kenneth also does recording, mixing and mastering work for others.

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