April First.

Mark the date. For April’s Fool? No, for Another Failure!

My sophomore album ‘Another Failure (1989)’ continues what ‘Drawing Lines (1989)’ started. Leaving the all-synth 80’s sound behind and entering a heavier and also a more experimental domain sound-wise, ‘Another Failure (1989)’ is bound to resonate with lovers of alternative and/or progressive pop. It’s been called a weird, quirky, evocative, insistent, brave, fun, catchy and theatrical kind of prog-pop.

The album will initially be available only digitally.


1. First (04:37)
2. And To Receive (09:20)
3. Ep Hoedler (02:24)
4. Black Eyes (04:45)
5. All That Follows (07:17)
6. I Koidls Dyfn (03:31)
7. Why Do You Break My Heart? (05:05)
8. Hondeheád (03:57)
9. Vogue For A New Kind Of Hero (04:25)
10. Of The Faulty Arc (08:30)