Digital distribution approaching.

I think I’m very close to getting digital distribution. At first I thought it would be expensive to set up, but then it turned out that all fees and royalties to artists/writers/publishers, and so on, is included in the price people pay for releases and subtracted before any money gets back to me.

All good then, I thought — then it turned out that some distributors are selective, and I didn’t want to waste my time on them, since I’m eager to get this out pretty quickly. Others had too much to do and pointed me to other distributors, all of which had some sort of start-up or annual fee.

I chose one that seemed alright, and everything seems fine, except for the fact that some random label was appointed to my release, and I can’t seem to change it. So now I’m waiting for support to fix it and enlighten me green … and then, hopefully within a month or so, it will be available at all the big online stores.

I do understand why record companies still exist — doing this all by yourself is a real pain in the ass, sometimes, though a great experience.

Already on to the next one.

Drawing Lines (1989) has been officially out for a week, and I’m already working on track number two on the follow-up, a continuation of the concept of releasing old compositions in new arrangements. This one will be called Another Failure (1989), and though it’s still eighties synthpop, this one will have less quantized beats, less programmed instruments, and more of that natural groove. I’m having fun doing it, and there’s no pressure and no deadlines. I like that.

Drawing Lines (1989) is available on CD.

On December 20, 2011, my debut album was officially released. Get it here!

Drawing Lines (1989) is an eighties synthpop dream with an experimental and modern twist; easy on the ears, but challenging the mind; naïveté with depth. It tells the musical story of the ten year old Eth Eonel: all the songs on the album, save for the two cover songs, were originally written in 1989 by the young me. With my hands in the now, but my heart in the past, I have updated those songs into little stories with a retrospective view.

The album was mastered by one of my musical idols, the great Bob Drake.

If you would lend an ear, I’d be grateful. A digital release is not yet available, due to legal and financial matters, but I’m hoping to resolve it. Please let me know anyway, if you’d like a digital copy, and I’ll speed that up.

The high price of the album (150NOK / 25$ / 20€) is due to the fact that it comes with a 18×18 cm hardcover book with lyrics and photos. The price you pay is what I’ve spent on it in cash.

It can be ordered here.

Musical project for kids + release day.

The day before the official release of Drawing Lines (1989) I’m at home, spending the late evening burning 70 CD-Rs with music that my pupils have made. They’re aged 10-11 and we have been working for seven weeks, composing, recording, mixing and everything. There’s so much talent out there, that just needs to be discovered. That’s what I do (discover it), but I have no time to engage in anything beyond my work, my family and my own music. So I see all these talented kids, but can’t do anything else than to try to inspire them to dream big and become experts themselves.

Tomorrow is the big day for me. There’s nothing exciting happening, really, but I’ll probably try to send out a few messages and mails to friends and make the album available on my website. A digital release is not yet planned, but I’m trying to figure out a way to arrange it. Right now it seems that it will cost me more to create and release the album than I can dream of getting back. It’s worth it, though.

The beginning.

Since I am officially releasing my debut album in only two days, I am making an effort to start blogging, mostly as a means to document the event, the sales, the promotion, everything interesting that happens relating to the album. I might also throw in a philosophical thought or two, ideas for lyrics, concepts and ideas pertaining to structure or form — that sort of stuff.

Looking forward to hearing from people out there.